Family First Approach

I grew up in rural Illinois,

living and working in our family-owned funeral home.

I learned at a very young age that we must cherish

the time we have and the relationships

that we have built along the way.

My father, being the funeral director,

helped instill in me a sense of duty,

pride and compassion

for those during their time of need.

My mother, being an elementary school teacher,

provided me with the tools to take complex problems

and turn them into usable solutions.

I did not realize it back then,

but these would be the traits that would

transform not only my life's work,

but make a positive impact

on the lives of people that I meet every day.

-Devin Johnson

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"Our goal is to educate you as to what your options are,

help you make a better informed decision and,

ultimately, secure the future that you envisioned

for yourself and your family."

- Devin Johnson


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